General Information

The schedule of the International
Youth-Diving Meet 2024

Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday

Wednesday, April 24.

TimeCompetition I
10:00 amMixed Team Event
12:00 pmOpening ceremony and first victory ceremony
2:00 pmFinal Girls A+B, 10m-Synchronized
4:00 pmFinal Boys A+B, 10m-Synchronized

Thursday, April 25.

TimeCompetition ICompetition II
9:00 amPrelim Girls B, 1mPrelim Boys A, 3m
following first prelimPrelim Girls A, Platform
4:00 pmFinal Girls B, 1m (3 optionals)
5:00 pmFinal Boys A, 3m (5 optionals)
6:00 pmFinal Girls A, Platform (4 optionals)

Friday, April 26.

TimeCompetition ICompetition II
9:00 amPrelim Boys B, 3mPrelim Boys A, 1m
following first prelimPrelim Girls B, Platform
3:30 pmFinal Boys A, 1m (5 optionals)
4:40 pmFinal Girls B, Platform (3 optionals)
5:30 pmFinal Boys B, 3m (4 optionals)
6:30pm Final Girls A+B, 3m-Synchronized

Saturday, April 27.

TimeCompetition ICompetition II
9:00 amPrelim Girls A, 1mPrelim Girls B, 3m
following first prelimPrelim Boys B, Platform
3:40 pmFinal Girls A, 1m (4 optionals )
4:40 pmFinal Girls B, 3m (3 optionals)
5:50 pmFinal Boys B, Platform (4 optionals)
6:45 pmFinal Boys A+B, 3m-Synchronized

Sunday, April 28.

TimeCompetition ICompetition II
9:00 amPrelim Girls A, 3mPrelim Boys B, 1m
following first prelimPrelim Boys A, Platform
3:30 pmFinal Girls A, 3m (4 optionals)
4:30 pmFinal Boys B, 1m (4 optionals)
5:30 pmFinal Boys A, Platform (5 optionals)

Starting times can change until the start of the competition